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Prepare for selling online

Online sellers with their e-commerce shops are no less subject to stricter regulations and requirements than the owners of real shops and stores. The most important obligation is to keep the mandatory information available on commercial websites. The presentation of the data must be accurate to avoid expensive cease-and-desist letters.

A full imprint and precisely coordinated general terms and conditions are only the beginning of the complex legal requirements and stumbling blocks that dealers must master for a legally secure Internet presence and online shop. Distance selling law, for example, prescribes many mandatory information obligations. The supplier must not only inform customers and buyers when the sales contract becomes legally binding. The information must also be available on payment options, delivery conditions, and deadlines, as well as cancellation and return options. As a rule, we advise our clients to display a combination of contractual explanations during the ordering process, and to integrate the mandatory consumer and customer information into the general terms and conditions on the shop or company homepage.

Cease and desist letters can be expensive

The case law on information obligations in e-commerce is continually changing. Even nuances can decide on legally impeccable clauses or clauses that are susceptible to a legal warning. Hence you should consult a specialized lawyer, who knows about the current jurisdiction.

We check your online shop and your company homepage for legal conformity. Of course, we are liable for our advice! Presently, numerous law firms have been specializing in sending cease-and-desist-letters to owners of infringing websites. Many rules and regulations in Internet law and other areas of law are mandatory rules of market conduct. Not respecting them, means unfair competition. A cease-and-desist letter can quickly cost thousands of euros. Therefore, you should consult an expert before you launch your online shop or publish your company homepage online.  Of course, we also check existing shops and websites and detect legal gaps and weaknesses for you. Since the legal field is continuously changing, we always keep you up to date and inform you about new statutory regulations. Just give us a call - we will be happy to help you!

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