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Price list trademark application and trademark monitoring

Basic check 199 €

Would you like us to verify whether your desired mark is still available in Germany? At the price of 167,23 € plus VAT (199 € total) we offer a basic package with the following scope of services:

  • Examination of protectability
  • An identity search in the registers DPMA, EUIPO, WIPO
  • A suggestion which action you should take

Trademark application DE (Germany) or EU (Europe) 299 €

We file your trademark at the German Patent and Trademark Office or the EUIPO for up to three classes of goods and services.


  • An identity search in the registers DPMA, EUIPO, WIPO
  • Assessment of protectability
  • Drafting of the list of goods and services for up to 3 classes
  • Trademark application electronic
  • A brief consultation with a lawyer and clear recommendations for action
  • Correspondence with the German Patent and Trademark Office or EUIPO, except for replies to objections of registrability
  • Transferring the trademark certificate to you

Our (Lawyer's) fee: 251,26 € plus VAT (299,00 € total)

Please note that the Offices will charge a filing fee to accept the application. These are:

DPMA: 290 € for up to 3 classes of goods or services (Nice classes), 100 € for each additional class.
EUIPO: 850 € for the first class of goods or services (Nice class), 50 € for the second class, and 150 € for each additional class from the third.

If you need more advice or you have different requirements, we will be happy to make you an individual, non-binding offer.

International registration of a trademark (IR trademark) 399 €

Attorney fees for handling an international extension: 335,29 € + VAT = 399,00 € total.

Included is the examination whether the extension is basically possible, preparation of applications and correspondence with the offices, except letters to the national trademark offices in case of a total provisional refusal or other issues.

For international registration, the office of the primary trademark will charge a separate fee (e.g., DPMA 180 €, EUIPO 300 €). WIPO in Geneva will charge its fee of minimum 653 Swiss francs (black and white trademark, 903 Swiss francs for color); furthermore they will demand additional payment for each desired country of protection.

Trademark Monitoring

Standard trademark monitoring Germany 249 €

Standard trademark monitoring for publication of identical and similar DE, European and IR trademarks with validity in Germany:

Up to 3 classes: 209,24 € plus VAT. (249,00 € gross)
Each additional class: 83,19 € plus VAT (99,00 € gross)

Extended monitoring of trademarks, companies, and domains Germany 399 €

Same as standard monitoring, but including monitoring for company names and domains

Up to 3 classes: 335,29 € plus VAT (399 € gross)

Each additional class: 125,21 € plus VAT (149,00 € gross)


Contact us, and we will be happy to submit a personal offer and advise you!

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